Hakan Sahin, PhD


Hello, I am an academist, working in the fields of political economy, monetary theory, political science, Islamic history and Islamic economics.

I received my PhD in Islamic Economics and Finance at Istanbul University. I also give lectures on economics theory, business administration, entrepreneurship, information technologies, Islamic history and moral philosophy at Istanbul Medipol University. I can speak English, Spanish and Classical Arabic which nobody speaks nowadays but the teachers of Arabic language.

— Political Economy & Macroeconomics & History of Economic Thought
— Money Theory & History of Banking
— Political Science & Political Philosophy
— Natural Rights & Natural Law
— Theology & Moral Philosophy
— Islamic History & Islamic Economics & Islamic Law

PhD: Islamic Economics & Finance (Grad.2019)
–Thesis: “Money Production in terms of Economics and Islamic Law”
PhD: Management and Organization (discontinued)

Master’s: Business Administration (Grad.2011)
–Thesis: “Microcredit Applications in Turkey”
Master’s: Industrial and Systems Engineering (discontinued)

Bachelor’s: Philosophy (ongoing)
Bachelor’s: Theology (Grad.2014)
Bachelor’s: Computer Engineering (Grad.2006)

29/04/2019 – 11:00

An Evaluation of Money Production in terms of Economics and Islamic Law
Research Center for Islamic Economics, Istanbul

06/04/2019 – 14:00

How do Market Economies Work?
Association for Liberal Thinking, Ankara

09/03/2019 – 15:00

The Role of Banking in an Economy
Alican Mansion, Sakarya

23/02/2019 – 13:45

Religion and Politics
Medipol University, Istanbul

Market and Morality

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